Naser Koshan

Silence your voice or Gabbar will blow you up


The vision givers and policy makers behind Taliban’s insurgency and rogue actions have long realized the importance of free media and that of its crucial role in enlightening the masses. One could arguably say that the only most visible and landmark achievements post the Taliban have been the emergence and an incredible growth of visual media in Afghanistan. These institutions have managed to reach the very remote areas of the country and convey a message of hope and a sense of ground realities with utter impartiality and accepted codes of journalism.

In a country being labeled the most dangerous place for journalists to report from, local media crews have always put their life in line only to report on the atrocities and inhuman acts of violence committed on the ordinary Afghan by these rogue elements. It is worth mentioning that they have previously beheaded, threatened and recent heinous suicidal attack on one of the most watched and popular media groups (MOBY)’s personnel in Kabul will only increase the hatred towards their dictated agendas.

We are living in a 21st century world, lets weigh on the messages terror offers to the Afghan people, destruction, killing, illiteracy and backwardness, will any anybody with a tiny bit of consciousness accept such distorted ideology? The answer is a big NO and will remain so far as the very existence of this country. Fortunately, people have come to the realization that aligning with such shallow and twisted thinking, a disastrous and ill-fated future is to expect for their kids. They clearly saw what they did when they captured Kunduz city for a day, rape, looting and demolishing the very infrastructure of the city. This is not how we want to live our lives, but certainly what they and their masterminds picture our lives to be.

By now they and their caregivers should understand that tyranny has never bent this great nation, they have faced many GABBARS (Indian metaphoric villain) before them and have resisted them to safeguard their innate values and freedom. The only response they get is condemnation, louder and bolder voices across every single media platform in the country with Tolo being the pioneer and flag bearer. Today, as we mourn the loss our loved ones, we simultaneously stand stronger as ever before and say no to every GABBAR out there intending to silence the voice of reason and rightfulness.


Rest in peace,

In memory of seven martyred MOBY staff


With love,

Naser Koshan

Washington, U.S.

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