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Clinton II: Why Clinton is the Winner


One of my TV talk show viewer from Germany asked me what I think about the election in the United States.

The American political system and the election process are very complicated. There are different steps that need to be taken until a president is in the office.

A month ago, I had endorsed Hillary Clinton on my TV talk show. I still do and these are my reasons that I believe she will eventually win the election.

The United States of America is long overdue to elect a female candidate into the office of presidency. Even in Muslim countries such as Turkey and Pakistan, women have become the heads of the state but this has still not happened not in America.  Americans need to overcome this bias, and the time has come.

The American political system is a capitalist democracy. This means capitalists have a good grip of power in the country despite the fact that the full majority of people are not capitalists. Most laws including election rules and regulations are designed in favor of capitalists. Super-delegate is a case in point in which the strong elite favors a candidate ignoring the popular vote. This super-delegate is 15% in 2016 and comprised of an elite group of people who are in favor of the status-quo. Clinton has the backing of these the super-delegates.

The super-delegates who are former presidents, vice-presidents, governors and top party leaders are connected to the big lobbying groups. These lobbyists convince their constituency to vote for their favored candidate not a newcomer. 

I know very well that the ideas of Bernie Sanders are for the sake of the poor and middle class like the majority of people like myself. However, mainstream American culture does not believe in socialistic ideas because the capitalists have fought hard to depict socialistic ideas such as universal health care, as an evil of political system. The American capitalist elite have, through their own media and portals worked very hard in the fifties to create a mind set for American people that they should never think of socialistic ideas and these are misconstrued to be bad. In America, if one speaks for justice for the poor and destitute, he/she is stigmatized as a communist. This mindset of the mainstream culture I believe will make Sanders lose the election.

As much as Sanders ideas sound good and he had a victory in winning the New Hampshire primary, he has to also win the last city that National Democratic Convention is going to be held at. New Hampshire is not the end of the game.  Also, what is ironic in American elections is that people enjoy the celebration, balloons and cheers but the majority of people do not know their own political system and how it works. The only thing they know of their democracy is to vote and they think if the majority vote for a candidate that is all what it matters. If one asks an ordinary American about the super-delegates, most likely he/she does not have a clue that there is an elite group behind the National Democratic Convention who decide who should win not the people. This makes this democracy very undemocratic in America.

Another issue is the game of manipulation in American election process. A candidate tries to convince his/her supporters that if he/she gets elected, he/she will change this and that. People are ignorant about the basic fact that a candidate cannot change laws of the country that are designed for the sake of the rich and for the sake of lobbyists who block any changes that may jeopardize their interests. In American political system, instead of the welfare of people being important, importance lies with those who have the means of production and interest groups that represent the interest of the 1%.   

Last but not least is that Americans also look for experience on the job. Clinton has seen it all and has the experience in politics across the board. From being a lawyer by profession to wife of a governor in Arkansas to the wife of the President and serving as First Lady in the White House, serving as a Senator and the head of the State Department as Secretary of State, she has held many important roles including arguably the most important job in the American cabinet.

For these reasons, I believe Hillary Rodham Clinton will become the next President of the United States of America.

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3 Reasons Hillary Clinton Won’t Be the Next President of the United States22.03.2016 - 15:56

 1. She Does Not Have The Same Racial Appeal. There is a hierarchy of victimhood in the leftist thought system. Blacks sit at the top; gays and lesbians sit just below blacks; Latinos and Native Americans sit below both groups; women come next; then, finally, come Jews and Asians, who are mainly an afterthought in the rankings. Barack Obama ran on the promise that as a half-black man, his election would unify the country, moving us all beyond the racial polarization of the past… …Nobody truly believes a woman cannot be elected in America. Three out of our last four secretaries of state were women. We have multiple powerful female senators. She’s not a victim. 2. She’s Not a Compelling Female. Hillary is female. If you haven’t heard, she will tell you herself, 1,000 different times. But the point is that her points of commonality with female voters are not particularly compelling. She grew up with a silver spoon in her mouth, married the future governor of Arkansas, rode his coattails to a prestigious law firm job, First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State. She does not resonate as a mother or as a grandmother, despite the best efforts of the media to portray her as a younger Betty White. 3. She’s Old. Voters under 30 represented 19 percent of those who voted in 2012. That’s bad news for Hillary, given that she must rely on contributions from women and youth to make up the deficit she will face in the black vote turnout. The worse news is that Hillary is old. It’s easy for pollsters to predict that she will capture the hearts of youth voters… [but] Hillary represents the past. That was a contrast beautifully drawn by Rubio in his announcement speech: “Just yesterday, a leader from yesterday began a campaign for President by promising to take us back to yesterday. But yesterday is over, and we are never going back.” Barack Obama won the presidency on simple identity politics. Hillary has many similarities to Obama. She has the liberal media on her side. She probably won’t get asked the hard questions. The press won’t hold her accountable for her ethical shortcomings. Clinton is an elitist, and a pseudo-intellectual. Like Obama, she has an Ivy League education. But unlike Obama, Hillary won’t just slide into office based on race, or even gender. Hillary has to convince the American people to like her, and she just isn’t that likable.



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