Dr. Farid Younos

“America's Man” in Power


American foreign policy in Afghanistan

By Farid Younos


Shuttle diplomacy by Americans paid off and “America's man” is in power in Afghanistan. Sunday, September 21, 2014, after an historical overdue election result, the Afghan election commission pronounced Ashraf Ghani as the president-elect of Afghanistan. This was a great success for the Obama administration to install its man to power in Afghanistan, as usually is the case with American foreign policy. The United States of America's core foreign policy in developing countries is to rely on one person not all the people. Good examples of this policy was King Reza Shah of Iran, Pinochet in Chile, Maliki in Iraq, and Hamed Karzai an associate of Unocal-Bush-Cheney associates  in Afghanistan, and now Ashraf Ghani.

Afghans are very kind and hospitable people, but they all have a suspicious feeling about foreigners and those who associate with them. Ghani during his tenure in the United States became a candidate of Western interest in Afghanistan, especially when he was given the opportunity to join the World Bank, an institution many in the Middle East as well as in Afghanistan see as an instrument of American imperialism. The western media knows how to make one a celebrity or damage one's character. Ghani was called a “- top thinker,” (Prospect Magazine 2013) and “the most educated and Westernized of Afghanistan candidates,” (New York Times, August 18, 2009) by western media long before the election.  Western media not knowing Afghan culture and mentality, further damaged Ghani's reputation and created him as an American puppet. Especially Afghans know very well that there are many more educated Afghans in the United States and Europe who are much more educated than Ghani. Dov Zakheim, a pro-Israel Rabbi, who also served as Under-Secretary of Defense in the United States, called Ghani “America's Man.”!! This means Ghani was also approved by AIPAC, (American Israel Public Affairs Committee), the most powerful lobby group in America as well as a major instrument of American foreign policy in the Middle East. Professor Hanifi, a top-notch Afghan anthropologist calls Ghani, “agent of American imperialism.”  It is worthy to mention how Ghani rose to power. In early 70's, Henry Kissinger, then Secretary of State had a brief stop in Kabul and met with Sardar Muhammad Daoud Khan, the president of Afghanistan. Kissinger learned that Muhammad Daoud Khan was surrounded   by pro-Soviets associates.  Kissinger who was a pro-detente policy maker saw the defeat of the then Soviet Union by educating a few Afghans with an American mentality. Just as America educated a few students for Latin America, called the “Chicago Boys.” A group of students mostly Pashtuns were sent to the American university of Beirut. It was from there that Khalilzad, Anwarul Haq Ahadi and Ashraf Ghani were absorbed into the realm of American agenda for Afghanistan. Alexandre Duma's novel, “Les trois mousquetairs” (three musketeers) with the motto of “All for one, and one for all” were set by America for Afghanistan.  No one knew these three before the fall of the Taliban. It was after the fall of the Taliban that these three paid off big time. All three held major administration positions in Afghanistan.  But Ghani did not come to power just by share support of American and Israeli policy makers in Afghanistan, but also, the tribal link of politics and religion in Afghanistan, which I call the Triangle of Sin. Tribal link to religious connection and support of foreigners.  Remember, Shah Shuja (1803-09 & 1839-42) was installed by the British during the colonial era of British India and he was the first Afghan ruler who received an official British mission and put Afghanistan under the sphere of influence of the British Empire. Shah Shuja was the one who signed a treaty of friendship with the British to confront any aggression by the Franco-Persian alliance. The Triangle of Sin did an excellent job toppling the most progressive king of Afghanistan, King Amanullah (1919-1929) and installed King Muhammad Nader Shah (1929-33) and now after 85 years history repeats and American neocolonialist power installs its puppet and Afghans will pay the price for being a buffer zone nation between East and West. Ashraf Ghani in his first speech as president-elect said, “With permission of “Hazarat Saheb.” referring to Sebghatullah Mujaddedi the head of a religious dynasty whose ancestors toppled King Amanuaalh Kahan in 1929.  Just like Shah Shuja who signed the treaty of friendship with the British, Ghani will sign the treaty of friendship with the United States and makes Afghanistan a dependent nation as the British did with Shah Shujah in 1839.   For the sake of unity, Afghanistan went under the sphere of influence of American imperialism in 21st century. This is very sad for those who love Afghanistan for Afghanistan not a foreign power.

 In 2001, Americans played a major role in Afghan crisis. At that time with the help of Khalilzad, and Akhdar Ibrahimi, the United Nations envoy for Afghanistan ethnocracy was inserted into Afghan democracy.  Abdul Satar Sirat, a non-Pshtun and from the King Zaher Shah's camp won the majority vote at the Bonn conference.  Americans installed Hamed Karzai, a Pashtun and an associate of Unocal and democracy was derailed from day one and was replaced by ethnocracy.  America from a long time campaigned for Asharf Ghani to be the President of Afghanistan.  Richard Hallbrook, American envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan (died December 13,2010) had campaigned for Asharf Ghani to be president of Afghanistan. Associated Press reported that “Month before becoming president-elect of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzia began spending tens of thousands of dollars on lobbyists in the United States, using his ties to the West to seek influence in Washington. Since May[2014], Ghani Ahmadzai campaign has hired three different Washington public relations and lobbying firms, according to required Justice Department filings. At times, his campaigns has spent $180,000 a month to reach out members of Congress and Obama administration officials.”

The election was one of the most fraudulent.  For the sake of fabricated unity the election result was not disclosed. “A former senior Afghan official close to the process said that American diplomats had initially balked at Mr. Abdullah's suggestions that the vote total be kept secret” (New York Times, September 23, 2014). European Union observers for the election were very unhappy about this election. New York Times reports, “There has been stark disagreement on the audit's accuracy, however. The biggest mission of election observers came from the European Union, which had 410 election monitors and experts here, and many of those officials called the audit an “unsatisfactory” process that failed to detect as many as two million fraudulent votes.”(New York Times, September, 23, 2014). In order for the United States to keep her agent on the political scene of Afghanistan, they had to violate all principles of democracy in that country.

Washington has brokered a power-sharing deal with the two candidates. This deal may not last very long simply because of personality differences between the two candidates.  Ashraf Ghani is one of the most selfish individuals whom people call “Mr. know it all.” His team proved to be more tribal than democratic which makes the unity a tough challenge for Afghanistan. This author sees this unity very shakable and fragile. Afghans are not only a victim of foreign intervention but also a victim of their own negligence due to high illiteracy in the country.


Dr Farid Younos is Professor of Cultural Anthropology of the Middle East at California State University-East Bay

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Hassieb30.09.2014 - 09:00

 I totally agree with your assessment of the situation. One thing that has not been adequately discussed is his qualification as a scholar. My impression from listening to him has been: He loves to hear himself especially when he speaks in English. He bloviates, talks at length but not conveying the message. He likes to use big words to explain simple concepts. He often comes across as a narcissist. He has been a turncoat, denouncing his Afghan to become an American and then becoming an Afghan by denouncing his American citizenship, reconciling with his old faith and going to Mecca which was lampooned by the media and people as a novice and ignorant for turning his back to Mecca and raising his hands for dua... all this for running for president of a country that he would abandon it at the speed of light should the Taliban circle Kabul. May God save Afghanistan from his tribal and ethnic lunacy. By the way, I forgot to mention that he is using his tribal pajamas as his official attire with a totally useless shawl folded and resting on his shoulder.



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